Mechanical engineering

We have developed machinery for several sectors to customers' orders:

  • Cutting and winding technology for films
  • Mixer
  • Slewing mechanisms
  • Rope, chain lifting gear
  • Crushers
  • Material handling technology

masch ausschleus

masch foerderschnecke 
Discharge system for a slice of bread bakery line.      Screw conveyor

maschinen kabel

Kabelschubeinheit für Seekabelverladungen.
Coiling system for submarine cable. Pushing unit for submarine cable.
 Semiautomatsische Schleifmaschine für Rotorblattoberflächenbehandlung.
Semi-automatic grinder to treat the surface of rotor blades.  

Trough-continuous mixer/granulator for the continuous granulation and levelling of a product flow.

Overhead crane   Magnet lifting device
Schwerlastvakuumtraverse   Rührbehälter
Heavy duty vacuum lifting device.   Impeller type mixer
Belt conveyor system