Utility vehicle engeneering

We develop commercial vehicle superstructures and transport trailers for special customer requirements and all fields of logistics.

  • Chassis dimensioning
  • Subframe dimensioning and designs for special superstructures
  • Crane assembly
  • Low loaders
  • Telescopic semi-trailers
  • Heavy-duty vehicles for the in-house sector
  • Cattle trucks
  • Special chassis for the in-house transport of plant components
  • Enclosed car transporter
  • Planning supporting frameworks for sales, showman superstructures
  • Project-related layout diagrams for production
fahrzeug drehschemel                     fahrzeug sattel1 

Car trailer with belt conveyor.

  Trailer with two separate load areas for liquid and bulk goods, steering axle and complete closed pump area.
   Holzanhänger/Chassis für den skandinavischen Markt.
Cattle carrier-inloader design.   Timber carrier chassis
 Tieflader    Kofferkonstruktion mit hydraulisch auf schwenkbaren Seitentüren
Low loader   Autotransporter
Spezialtransportwagen für den innerbetrieblichen Transport    Transportwagen für innerbetriebliche Rotorblatttransporte
Special carrier for in-house transport.   In-house rotor blades transport device.